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DLMM owner Diana Louiso is a Cincinnati native with over 30 years of hands-on accounting experience. When her professional life dovetailed with the family experience as caretaker of an aging parent overseeing financial matters and personal care, Diana was motivated to make both business and personal “money matters” her business.

DL MoneyMatters provides accounting services and business advice for small businesses and entrepreneurs in Cincinnati and surrounding counties utilizing QuickBooks accounting software.

The daily money management services provided for elders, families of aging parents, and their attorneys and advisors gives individuals and families the financial information they need to make informed decisions and peace of mind that assets are safeguarded. Quicken is the tool utilized the track personal finances for this client base.

Diana leads a talented staff of accountants with a holistic approach to making small businesses successful and families and seniors more confident with money matters.

Diana earned her BA in Accounting at University of Cincinnati, College of Business Administration in 1984 (with a 3.5 GPA). In 2010, she completed coursework through the Leadership Development Institute from UC’s Goering Center for Family & Private Business.

DL MoneyMatters and Diana Louiso are members of the American Association of Daily Money Managers, committed to promoting high standard of client services provided by its members.
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Diana is a Certified Senior Advisor committed to ethical behavior and the knowledge required to benefit senior clients and their families.
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DLMM has QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor staff, able to effectively use QuickBooks and knowledgeable of the tips and tricks that save time and produce powerful reporting tools to help your business to make good decisions.