Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in Cincinnati

St. Patrick’s Day in America is for some a remembrance of Ireland’s most famous legend who died on March 17 (sometime close to the year 492) known for his influence on Christianity in Ireland, and for others it’s a celebration of the Irish-American culture in the United States. Americans love to wear the green, quaff green beer, generally make merry, and revel in all things Irish. 

Celebrating St. Patrick and all things Irish

What you may not know is that all this Irish merry-making started in Boston, Massachusetts and repeats itself largely in the United States, Canada, the UK and a few other countries around the world that benefitted from the Irish diaspora. In Ireland, aside from the pubs benefitting from the boost in tourism on this day, it’s a traditional day of solemnity with Catholics attending church in the morning and gathering for modest feasts in the afternoon. No parades, no green-tinted foods, and no “wearing of the green.” In Ireland, blue is the traditional color associated with Ireland’s patron saint.

Parades, concerts, and events that likely have ole St. Patrick rolling in his grave keep his memory alive in Cincinnati too!

Lastly, for all of us who are, or pretending to be, Irish this month:

Where to Celebrate

Cincinnati Weather

“Nice weather today!” “Think it will rain?” Go anywhere in Cincinnati and you’ll hear comments about the weather. Much like our bills and bank accounts, weather is always top of mind. So we were wondering… could Cincinnati weather have anything to do with how we think about our money? Well, let’s take a closer look…

Did you know that our weather makes Cincinnati a great place to live? It’s a beautiful city, in part because we get about 44 inches of rain and 15 inches of snow a year. Plenty of moisture for plants, green hills, and fresh water, and just enough of the fluffy stuff for an occasional sledding day. We have slightly fewer sunny days (176 compared to the U.S. average of 205), but our clouds earn Cincinnati a BestPlaces Comfort Index of 7.2 out of 10, making the Queen City one of the most pleasant places to live in Ohio. (Source: bestplaces.net

But what does weather have to do with money matters? Well, it teaches us a few things…for example:

Always be prepared. With weather, we prepare for the day with an umbrella, light sweater, or snow boots. With money, we prepare for trends in interest rates, rising or falling prices, or simply having enough change in our pocket for whatever our day has in store.

Put safety first. Under threat of hail, we park under cover instead of in the driveway, and when forced to drive through flood water, go slow and go only one vehicle at a time. With money, we save for the proverbial rainy days to build a financial foundation to get us through emergencies.

Appreciate life. As the great social thinker John Ruskin once said, “sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. Whether about weather or money, we are optimistic.

Take advantage of the difference between the weather and climate. Weather is what is happening today: sun, rain, snow, wind, calm, cloudy. Climate is the long-term pattern of weather recorded over a 30-year period of time. Our relationship with money is no different: how much we have in the bank can change daily, and financial security is how well we managed our money over time.

We may have many different financial weather days as savings grow and wane, and investments follow the traditional peaks and valleys of gains and losses. Think about your financial life like we think about weather: be prepared for the unexpected and always put your own safety and the safety of those you love first. Now, let’s go out there and enjoy the day!

Hey Cincinnati, Get Out There!

Those of us who live and work in Cincinnati most likely spend our weekends around the house or with friends. So this article is about what you may be missing! It’s a reminder not to save up for out-of-town company what the Queen City has to offer, but to stir up some curiosity and enthusiasm to get out and enjoy some of the best that Cincinnati offers.

Touch a shark! After you’ve walked across the Newport Aquarium’s Shark Bridge, a v-shaped suspension bridge that is 75 feet long but just a few terrifying inches above a whole tank of sharks, actually touching a shark will be a mere walk in the park. If the sharks aren’t enough to get you excited, perhaps interacting with live seahorses, sea dragons, and stingrays are. Visit the Newport Aquarium.

Walk among thousands of butterflies! There’s a South American jungle in Cincinnati, right in the heart of beautiful, historic in Eden Park. Here you’ll find over 3,500 plant species from all over the world, and from now through Father’s Day, June 16, over 12,000 fabulous colorful butterflies from Ecuador are freely flying throughout the building. Visit the Krohn Conservatory.

Fly through the air without wings! For lovers of outdoor adventure, the “Screaming Raptor Zip Lines and Canopy Tours” at the Creation Museum offer up two and a half to three hours of, well, screaming fun. There are zip lines for the timid, zip lines for thrill seekers, and even zip lines for racing your friends. The less adventurous can view art exhibits, dinosaur bones, a planetarium and a zoo. A dinosaur heaven for kids. Visit Creation Museum.

Go underground! Our city’s hidden history is a great American landmark. In the early days, streets in the neighborhood of Over-the-Rhine were lined with saloons, bars, and beer gardens, but underground there were damp caverns and rooms with stone walls where the wealthy buried their dead and the beer makers brewed Cincinnati beer during prohibition times. Visit American Legacy Tours.

To learn more about these and other tours and things to do in Cincinnati, we recommend visiting the Things To Do section of the Cincinnati USA website. Have fun and send us your snapshots!