Family's internal struggle when caring for aging parents

In researching articles on the importance of obtaining a power of attorney, I come across some great information.  In The Family Transition Blog by Sheri Samotin, she wrote a couple weeks ago in her blog post titled Financial Fights Among Siblings While Caring For Aging Parents, “If your parent has made one of his or her children the Power of Attorney (POA) then that person has the responsibility to handle the actions and decisions that are covered by the document.  While the POA is not required to consult with her siblings, it might be a good idea to do so, especially if there may be disagreement.”  Check out her entire post at  This can be a very trying time for families and the added sibling squabbles can compound the frazzled emotions of adult children trying to step in and manage their parent’s affairs.  This is when obtaining the advice and services of an independent daily money manager could be worth the financial investment.