Discounts for Seniors in Ohio

my senior discount hatOther than Medicare, there’s another perk seniors can use everyday – discounts! From auto parts at NAPA to take-out pizza at Donato’s, it seems like most retailers like Ohioan’s over 55 year old, and if over 60 – you’re “golden.” The free Golden Buckeye¬†discount card is a gem and easy to get; apply at any library or senior center. So before purchasing practically anything, be sure you take along your Golden Buckeye card or ask the retailer, restaurant or service provider if they offer senior discounts.
It also pays to shop on certain days of the week. For example:
  • Goodwill Stores – 10% discount on Tuesdays
  • Pepperidge Farm Thrift Stores – 10% discount on Tuesdays and Wednesdays
  • Half Price Books – 10% discount for seniors
  • Hallmark Card Stores – 10% discount for 55+ and older
  • CVS – 10% off CVS brand items on Wednesdays
Don’t have a card yet? Here’s a recent chart detailing discounts for seniors by age and category that includes restaurants, retail, grocery, travel, entertainment and more.