You and the Feds in 2015

2015 piggybankHappy New Year from DL MoneyMatters! If you’ve been keeping up with the news, the economy is all about optimism. The stock market is up, more people are employed, and we can afford to drive our cars again. So what’s in store for seniors’ money in 2015? We don’t have a crystal ball for investments, jobs, or the price of gasoline, but we can share what the Feds have in store for us so you can factor them into your financial plans.

NPR’s senior Web editor of the Money & Security section of Daily Roadmap has a list of 9 Changes That Will Affect Your Money in 2015. Enjoy some more (relatively) good news.

If you or someone you know needs help with their finances this year, please consider DLMoneyMatters for bookkeeping services, financial organization for federal and state taxes, or daily money management for seniors and others who’d like to hand this task off to a professional. We’re here to help!

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Ways to Keep Christmas Meaningful

NativityIt seems like yesterday was Thanksgiving, or even Halloween. Now all of a sudden it’s almost Christmas and the holiday rush is upon us. We have so much to do! So here are some ways we and some friends have found make Christmas meaningful.

  1. Set up an Advent wreath and eat supper in the glow of its candlelight.
  2. Along with prayers before dinner, add a special Advent prayer or quotes from Isaiah. If you have children, ask a question that will lead to a discussion about the true meaning of Christmas.
  3. Set up a Nativity and make it the focus of your living space.
  4. Hide the baby Jesus from the Nativity set and bring Him out on Christmas morning. Some even wrap him and let a young child “open” the gift before any other presents.
  5. Take children shopping for gifts for a homeless shelter or children’s home. Give them the gift of giving.
  6. Take a lesson from the Magi and limit how many gifts each child receives. Remind the children whose birthday it is.
  7. At Christmas dinner, have a “birthday cake” for Jesus with candles and all.
  8. Don’t stress out over things that don’t really matter. Keep things simple and meaningful.
  9. On Christmas Day, do something nice for someone else. Invite a lonely person to dinner, or visit a hospital or nursing home.
  10. Be generous as a family. Bake things. Make handmade art. Write prayer cards for people and hand them out. Practice kindness.

That’s our list, and don’t forget to check it twice. Have a very blessed Christmas.