What a Heavy Load We Carry

The American economy in 2015 reminded me somewhat of a mule hauling a heavy load uphill. Just plodding along. Didn’t fall down, didn’t go crazy or give up trying, just plodding up the road. Not since the post-WWII era has the U.S. economic forecast stayed around the 2% growth rate for so long.

So what’s that mule hauling? A cartload of lackluster employment numbers and consumers putting off major purchases because they didn’t see their paycheck, savings, or investments grow as much as they’d hoped. They may have shared a few fists pumps at the gas pump and felt the optimism that accompanies a national pre-election year, but for most it was an uneventful year economically.

Cincinnati’s economic recovery is keeping pace the with nation. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, production, income, and GDP are all up for construction, manufacturing, health care, and education; while professional sectors and small business are lagging just slightly behind.

What this all means for small business is that, like the mule, we stubbornly move forward into 2016 knowing the load will get slightly lighter if we remain determined. Success calls for smart strategies, good money management, and as always, good luck meeting a prepared mind.

We wish all our friends and associates a very happy new year full of love, good health, warm friendships, and prosperity in 2016.

Holiday Season – Time of Giving & Reflection

The Christmas season reminds us to think about what truly matters.

When the holidays come around every year, our lives suddenly take on a larger meaning than simply living for ourselves.

We begin to think about giving—to charities, to our family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. We think about those who may not have a Christmas dinner to share, or even a place to live. About those who used to sit around our dinner table, but are no longer with us. Christmas time, it seems, ends up to be a wonderful time of year for celebration, but also a time for remembrance and a touch of sadness.

Christmas is magical in that it reminds us that when we give to others, we emerge with a renewed sense of hope for ourselves and for the entire world.

It is with this spirit of Christmas that I wish everyone a holy and blessed Christmas. May we all adopt what truly matters in our everyday living!