Elder Scam Update 2016

Elder scams continue to haunt many senior citizens and the scammers are getting smarter all the time. Even Treasury Secretary Jack Lew said he almost fell for a financial scam when a fraudster posing as an IRS agent left a number to call him back. Before he did, he ran the given phone number through a Google search and learned that it connected to a well-known scam. He said that the IRS has recorded 290,000 scam calls since October 2013.

We encourage you to read the article 8 Costly Scams That Target Senior Citizens published this year by bankrate.com. After you’ve absorbed these threats to our elders, please share this with friends and family, especially those in retirement, and help reduce scam calls going forward.

Here’s the article. Note: turn up your volume to listen the the video that autoplays on opening the page.

Footnote: If you think you or someone you love has been the victim of an identity scam, check your credit report for free on myBankrate.

Productivity and the Olympics

It’s Rio time! The Summer Olympics have begun in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and most of us are setting up the DVR to catch the action. Not coincidentally, the Opening Ceremony—the must-watch—is always on a weekend. But what happens during the workweek when the U.S. women’s gymnastics team goes for gold under the brilliant coaching of 73-year old Martha Karolyi? Our own Ohioan, Gabby Douglas, is part of this highly anticipated team and will be doing her best to succeed.

office WorkerWe’ll also be watching 22 Grand Slam singles tennis player Serena Williams, and former accountant at Ernst & Young, now triathlete, Gwen Jorgensen. Who would want to miss even a second of their action? And don’t forget Ashton Eaton, the 28-year old from Oregon who hopes to win the first back-to-back medals for decathlon since Bob Mathias in 1948 and 1952.

There’s speculation in the business world that more than a few employees will be asking for time off, calling in sick, having to “take the dog to the vet,” or outright playing hooky. And some of that hooky-playing is likely to take place right at their desk!

With live streaming on every computer, tablet, and mobile device, how could an employee not take a few minutes to watch Katie Ledecky or Michael Phelps dominate in the Olympic pool, or take 49 seconds to watch Allyson Felix sprint 400 meters?

Office workers know not to watch sports while at work, but according to The Workforce Institute, basketball, gymnastics, and swimming are the top 3 they want to watch. If you have a “no streaming” or “no TV” policy, you might want to check the Olympic schedule when these top favorites are competing live.

One solution, the survey suggests, is to set up a viewing party in a break room and allow employees to adjust their schedule to accommodate their favorite sport or competitor.

“Simply put, embracing the Olympics at work can help reduce the risk of unplanned absence, loss of productivity and distractions on the job.” Source: Workplace Institute Survey

You’ve been warned. Now, it’s RIO Time!