Habits of Highly Successful Women

What success means to you is your decision, and yours alone. For most, it means achievement and success, personally and financially. For others, it’s doing something that makes you happy, or overcoming huge obstacles in your way. It may mean becoming smarter, calmer, and more spiritual, but it could also mean being more appreciated by your peers, friends or family. 

“Success is not final; failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” 
—Winston Churchill

How to become a successful woman is often a matter of confidence coupled with a mindset to set goals — then have the courage to meet them. Here are few mindful favorites.

Challenge yourself

Write down goals, accomplish them (yep, check ‘em off), then set them higher. 
Knowledge is power. Never stop reading and learning.
Push yourself in personal life and business. 

Stay healthy

Acknowledge that health is both mental and physical. 
Eat right, keep moving, get plenty of sleep, and avoid risky habits.
Reduce stress and learn to say “no”.

Practice gratitude

Note the small things. Make a daily list of 3 things that went right.
Write simple thank you notes to colleagues, customers and clients.
Be respectful of others, especially their time.

Make time for yourself

Minimize distractions and stay focused.
Appreciate your own value. Let go of perfection.
Schedule time to do what you love. Have fun along the way.

Constantly work on self improvement

Visualize success. Stay socially connected. 
Look and dress your best. Smile often. 
Practice random acts of kindness

Get and stay financially savvy

Know your finances and set financial goals. Use a budget. 
Pay off debt and avoid future debt. Don’t just save – invest. 
Prioritize your retirement – women live longer than men!

Dear Mr. Churchill offers another nugget of inspiration… “Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” As for all the men out there, simply reread this blog and substitute “men” for “women.” It works.