Holiday Season—Time of Giving & Reflection

[We liked this blog from December 2015 so much that we thought you would enjoy seeing it again!]

The Christmas season reminds us to think about what truly matters.

When the holidays come around every year, our lives suddenly take on a larger meaning than simply living for ourselves.

keep calm holidaysWe begin to think about giving—to charities, to our family, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. We think about those who may not have a Christmas dinner to share, or even a place to live. About those who used to sit around our dinner table, but are no longer with us. Christmas time, it seems, ends up to be a wonderful time of year for celebration, but also a time for remembrance and a touch of sadness.

Christmas is magical in that it reminds us that when we give to others, we emerge with a renewed sense of hope for ourselves and for the entire world.

It is with this spirit of Christmas that I wish everyone a holy and blessed Christmas. May we all adopt what truly matters in our everyday living!