Hey Cincinnati, Get Out There!

Those of us who live and work in Cincinnati most likely spend our weekends around the house or with friends. So this article is about what you may be missing! It’s a reminder not to save up for out-of-town company what the Queen City has to offer, but to stir up some curiosity and enthusiasm to get out and enjoy some of the best that Cincinnati offers.

Touch a shark! After you’ve walked across the Newport Aquarium’s Shark Bridge, a v-shaped suspension bridge that is 75 feet long but just a few terrifying inches above a whole tank of sharks, actually touching a shark will be a mere walk in the park. If the sharks aren’t enough to get you excited, perhaps interacting with live seahorses, sea dragons, and stingrays are. Visit the Newport Aquarium.

Walk among thousands of butterflies! There’s a South American jungle in Cincinnati, right in the heart of beautiful, historic in Eden Park. Here you’ll find over 3,500 plant species from all over the world, and from now through Father’s Day, June 16, over 12,000 fabulous colorful butterflies from Ecuador are freely flying throughout the building. Visit the Krohn Conservatory.

Fly through the air without wings! For lovers of outdoor adventure, the “Screaming Raptor Zip Lines and Canopy Tours” at the Creation Museum offer up two and a half to three hours of, well, screaming fun. There are zip lines for the timid, zip lines for thrill seekers, and even zip lines for racing your friends. The less adventurous can view art exhibits, dinosaur bones, a planetarium and a zoo. A dinosaur heaven for kids. Visit Creation Museum.

Go underground! Our city’s hidden history is a great American landmark. In the early days, streets in the neighborhood of Over-the-Rhine were lined with saloons, bars, and beer gardens, but underground there were damp caverns and rooms with stone walls where the wealthy buried their dead and the beer makers brewed Cincinnati beer during prohibition times. Visit American Legacy Tours.

To learn more about these and other tours and things to do in Cincinnati, we recommend visiting the Things To Do section of the Cincinnati USA website. Have fun and send us your snapshots!