Digital Media Matters

DL Money Matters is a small business. One of those “backbone of America” type small businesses that make up 99.7 percent of the U.S. workforce. Most of our new clients come to us from personal referrals. We don’t spend money on magazine advertisements or billboards, but we do have a website and a branded Facebook business page. Why does this matter?

It matters that our clients trust us and believe in our mission. It matters to us that we can provide a stable, fast, and informative website so Cincinattians who seek a certified daily money manager or small business accounting support can find us on the Internet.

It matters to us that those potential clients referred to us via word of mouth can check us out online to decide for themselves whether we’re a good fit.

It matters to us that we share our insights with those we serve. To do that efficiently, we post blog articles a couple of times a month on subject matter we believe our clients want to read. We deliver them via email — but only to those inboxes for which we have permission to use. We let anyone opt out anytime, we don’t share customer information, and we encourage people to share what we have to say by forwarding our email.

We use social media to post our articles on Facebook to make them easy to find and share again and again because what we do might be exactly what someone else is seeking.

Our Facebook page has the look and feel of our website and is used solely as a tool to share interesting information and our blogs. It also helps Google keep us visible in search results.

This month, our marketing services team at ActiveCanvas posted an article that tackles the use of social media platforms for business and their insights on the new challenges we all face using “conversational commerce” in a crowded cyberspace. Read article »