America’s Bad Mood

child-1548229_1920In the usual scores of political rants and patriotic essays that sprout up around Independence Day, one stood out this year. Published by The Guardian, Zachary Karabell wrote an opinion piece entitled Americans are in no celebratory mood this Fourth of July. But they should be. It’s a worthy read.

One section in particular resonated with me. It had to do with our “resetting of expectations” after the financial collapse in 2008-2009 that “shook confidence in our collective ability to keep economies afloat…

There has also been a continual resetting of expectations. There’s an old saying in the financial world that people always remember the most they made and the least they spent. It’s your grandparents tisking that something used to cost ten cents, without the context that was when an average salary was two thousand dollars a year.

As human life has expanded, as homes have gotten larger, calories cheaper, war less frequent, senseless death rarer, political injustice more the exception than the norm, people have become less tolerant of that which used to be tolerated. In short, it would seem that the more we have, the more aware we become of what we still lack.

I encourage you to read the entire article. It may just give you a fresh perspective this month as we celebrate the birth of our great nation.