Gratitude & Thanksgiving

Gratitude opens more doors. When you send thank-you notes to new customers or acknowledge the value of their business in any way, you open new doors to opportunity from referrals and additional business.

gratefulGrateful business owners feel better. Long or irregular hours take their toll on business owners and their employees. Busy people often ignore their health and lack time for exercise. Studies show that grateful people take better care of themselves, exercise more frequently, and enjoy better overall health.

Gratefulness improves mental health. It’s as important to take care of our mental health as it is our physical health. Grateful people have better emotional balance. They are less likely to be envious, resentful, frustrated or regretful. Being grateful makes us happier and less depressed when the inevitable downsides occur.

Grateful people don’t get as upset when others are rude or negative. When confronted with unkindness by co-workers or customers, they are better able to handle negative feedback appropriately because they are able to be more empathetic towards others.

Gratitude reduces stress and plays a major role in overcoming adversity. How can we all become more grateful? We practice and experience gratitude on those occasions when bad things happen and we still find something to be thankful for—and not just on Thanksgiving Day.

At DLMM, we are grateful for your friendship and for your business and hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day. We wish you plentiful opportunities in the coming season for which to be grateful!