Seniors Can Have Fun!

Winter is over, Spring is here, the countryside is blooming. Set the schedule aside. The antidote to cabin fever is to get out and explore somewhere that you have never before seen. It doesn’t need to be far away and it does not need to break your budget. It does need to inspire and it’s nice if you can share it with someone.

A recent article highlights idyllic locations across the country from the expansive West through the prairie land and into the Poconos and New England. While diverse in settings, what they all have in common is a stress-free connection to the great outdoors. Utah resort(5 Budget-Friendly Luxury Health Spas) by Bill Newcott.

For closer to home, Midwest Living suggests cozy get-aways (17 Fabulous One-Stop Weekend Escapes) of which a couple are here in Southern Ohio:

It’s up to you how involved you want to be with your surroundings; you can enjoy them from the comfort and convenience of the resort, or take leisurely strolls, or get totally immersed in God’s creation. If you don’t have a loved one to take with you, be sure to share your enjoyment with a like-minded guest after you get there. Remember – your joy is doubled when you share it with another.

Enjoy these thought-provoking articles. Let them inspire you to be adventurous this Spring!