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Oh, how fortunate we were to find DL Money Matters. My mother, 95, suffered severe spinal stenosis that, after a laminectomy, left her virtually paralyzed but lucid. As she cannot conduct business, we contracted DL Money Matters who have taken over all aspects of Mom's bookkeeping, bill-paying, check writing, etc. They are so thorough, reliable, competent, professional and pleasant that our entire family has peace of mind. The three sons all live out of town so without DL Money Matters, we would be scrambling to assist Mom with the daily business requirements of her life in a nursing home. With weekly, detailed reports and frequent communication with me (the point person), we are receiving an invaluable service for a very reasonable price. Thank you, DL Money Matters, for coming into our lives. Jim S., 3/24/20
When I joined the firm 2.5 years ago, my company had been a DL MoneyMatters client for the previous 8 years. The work prepared by DL MoneyMatters is flawless, so I was able to easily review what had been done as I stepped into my role. Diana Louiso has a solid work ethic and outstanding accounting skills that helped make for an exceptionally smooth transition. Diana always goes above and beyond when sharing her wealth of knowledge regarding this very complicated client. I can always count on her to help me out when needed. DL MoneyMatters know what they are doing and they provide great work; the whole team at DL MoneyMatters is an absolute pleasure to work with. Judy T., 7/28/21
DL Money Matters has been doing our books/statements/early tax prep for about twelve years now; we are a small nonprofit in the arts, publishing a monthly journal in the visual arts. The women at this company are smart, quick, prompt, delightful to work with; their fee schedule fits well with our non-profit budget; they have never made a single mistake in all these years and I always look forward to our conversations and/or emails. They are tops in their field and I recommend them wholeheartedly to anyone needing these kinds of small business bookkeeping solutions. Daniel B., 3/10/20